What a girl wants


I’m sorry to disappoint but this blog post is not in reference to the Christina Aguilera song or the 2003 film starring Amanda Bynes . Unfortunately for you, this Genie will not be going back into her bottle anytime soon.

I like to think that my ranting has calmed down as I’ve matured but my patience is tested every now and again. I wish I could just let it all go sometimes, but oh no! I have to be in control of my emotions and make sure that I’m being mature about things.

Fuck that. Not today.

So let’s begin with the rants one by one *clears throat and reads scroll*

I watched a video the other day called ‘what guys wish they could say to girls’ and I should have found it funny but it just made me angry. The girl says they’re just friends, and the guy says if that’s the case he’s not paying for her half. He then goes on to say about how he made an effort and she turns up looking nice and so on. First of all, you’re both idiots. I hate this culture of let’s just be friends but act like a couple. No! You are one or the other. You might be on the friend train riding to relationshipville, making a brief stop in friends with benefits central. But, you cannot be both at the same time. And because we live in a society where people are happy to get what they want out of each other without committing, there are casualties along the way. I think it’s because people don’t ask each other out. “So do you want to go for lunch some time or something?” Wow, I’m swooning right now. No seriously, I think I just fell pregnant.

My next grievance, the ‘I’m not paying for dinner’. *Deep breath* Nothing irritates me more than hearing that men only pay for dinner because they are after something. (not necessarily sex, but mainly sex). I know that in the modern world, whether a man should pay for dinner is up for debate. Fair enough, I can see it from both points of view. But I hate the attitude towards paying for a woman. My male friends have bought me lunch before. I’ve paid for drinks for them, it’s a mutual courtesy. We take it in turns. But that’s because we actually like and respect each other. None of us are rich, or wealthy, but we do it because we want to. If you don’t want to pay for dinner, then don’t pay! Go halves. You’re both adults, pay for your own damn meals like normal people.

Moving on.

People who work in customer services but look like they have given up in life. Listen Janice, I know working in Boots isn’t your dream job, and you’d rather be at home sleeping off your hangover, but I have had more eye contact from the squirrels that run past my car every morning. I get it, I really do. When you sign your contract working in retail, you sign away a piece of your soul. I understand. But would it kill you to smile at me whilst handing me my make up to hide my dark circles?

And last on the list….

I watched Lord of the Rings recently. Whilst I thoroughly enjoyed them, I’m not going to lie, Sam is the real hero. Frodo is kind of annoying. Sam did it all! He sussed out Gollum was dodgy, he rationed food, he even carried him part of the way! But Frodo gets all the glory. And as for Arwen…yeah I would have totally become mortal for Aragorn too.

Thus we have come to the end of my rants for this evening. Thank you for stopping by. Stay Classy.


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