I have a lot of theories which, I know a lot of you who know me have been forced to listen to over the years. So I thought seeing I now have a public forum to rant on I would share some of them with you.

Today’s theory is on the myth that all men search for a woman with a great sense of humour. Now, I do not doubt that this is true but I think there a few things that people forget to mention. For example, men tend to want a woman who has a sense of humour if they find her attractive. If they don’t find her attractive and she has a sense of humour then she ends up in the friends zone. Do not pass go, do not collect £200, go directly to the friends zone!

Now I know I’m going to get a lot of angry replies to this but you know it’s true! See women can become attracted to a man if they make her laugh. They become attracted to them because of their personality. Not all women, I can’t speak for all of us. But I don’t think this is the same way for men. Men tend to pay attention to women if they are attracted to them. Now it doesn’t mean men and women can’t be friends but it’s a different kind of attention.

So I think there is part of this description that men leave out, ‘I want a girl who makes me laugh’ yeah if she’s attractive. If she’s not attractive then she’s the girl you’re going to bitch to about all the other women you’re chasing whilst simultaneously rubbing salt in the wounds considering you know this girl probably has feelings for you.

Just saying.


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  1. Cynical theories, why haven’t you shared more with me, these are my thing, I have a shed load!
    I completely agree with you, and it think its due to men working outside in, where as women have a propensity to work outside in…

  2. Can’t speak for all men-but for me, yeah you’re right, when it comes to the romance radar physical attraction always, always comes before I’ve even figured out if a woman has a good sense of humor. On the other hand, I’ve met women who were very physically attractive, but whose humorless or abrasive personalities made me un-attracted to them.

    True story here: my last relationship started in a parking garage. I was going to the gym, didn’t have my glasses on, but could tell the woman in front of me heading towards the stairwell had a nice figure. She disappeared down the stairs and I didn’t think anything else about it until I rounded a corner and found her standing at the bottom of the stairs looking like she was about to fight me. Turns out she thought I was coming down the steps too fast and that I was about to attack her! Anyway, I stopped at the look she was giving me, but before I can say anything she breaks out into this big smile and called me by my name!

    Turned out we’d gone to high school together-I was a few years ahead and hadn’t seen her in at least ten years-she told me what she’d thought I was doing, and that I’d almost lost a kidney-then proceeded to show me pictures of her dad’s busted toe that she’d been mending and making me laugh my tail end off by doing impressions of the man. I’d thought she was cute (if fuzzy) in the stairwell, but by the time we parted ways on the street with each others number I knew I wanted to date her.

    So, looks draw eyes, but laughs win hearts. At least for this man.

    1. I don’t like to tarnish all men with the same brush, but in my experience I find men and women think of attraction differently. But then the men I’m referring to are very immature and I’ve come to realise that to be honest, love isn’t a choice that we make. Haha I love that story! she sounds awesome 🙂 And it just goes to show you can meet someone literally anywhere!

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