Insecurities are like bouncers to the best night club in town; if they don't want you to go in they try and stop you by any means necessary. That night club is the rest of your life. You stand outside hearing the music, seeing the bright lights flashing, itching to get in. And that bouncer,... Continue Reading →


One Mississippi

Most people can't pinpoint the exact moment that their life changed. I can. I woke up one morning and saw my life with a clarity that I had never seen before. For that one moment, everything was peaceful. It was like watching the sun dance on the waves of the ocean just before a sun... Continue Reading →

Pearl to the Jam

  Pearl Jam have been inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of fame, and I for one could not be happier. I can't remember when exactly it was I fell in love with Pearl  Jam, but I remember listening to Ten for the first time, and feeling like time had stopped. I was already used to... Continue Reading →

What a girl wants

I'm sorry to disappoint but this blog post is not in reference to the Christina Aguilera song or the 2003 film starring Amanda Bynes . Unfortunately for you, this Genie will not be going back into her bottle anytime soon. I like to think that my ranting has calmed down as I've matured but my... Continue Reading →

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